Check each set that includes the number shown 5/9 a. natural numbers b.whole numbers c.integers d. rational numbers e.irrational numbers f.real numbers

Accepted Solution

Answer:5/9 from these categories can only be classified as rational and real.Step-by-step explanation:Natural numbers are counting numbers.  People don't ever say the number 5/9 when counting people. So 5/9 is not natural.Whole numbers are counting numbers plus also including 0.  So we already said 5/9 is not natural and it is definitely not 0 so 5/9 is not whole.Integers are whole numbers plus the opposite of the whole numbers.  5/9 is not whole and it is certainly not negative so we don't need to even consider if is the opposite of a whole number.Rational numbers are numbers that can be expressed as a fraction where the top and bottom are integers. 5/9 is a rational number because 5 and 9 are whole numbers which are integers.Irrational numbers are numbers that aren't rational. Our number 5/9 is rational so it isn't irrational.Real numbers are any number that isn't imaginary. Doesn't include the imaginary unit. Our number doesn't include the imaginary unit so it is real.