• Explain why the graph representing Janets data does not model a proportional relationship • Explain why Tarik’s data does not model a proportional relationship PLEASEEE HELP ASAP!!

Accepted Solution

Answer:Janet's data does not form a straight line as the coordinate are not in proportion.Tarik's data are in proportion becaus [tex]x \ and \ y[/tex] increases with a definite proportion.Step-by-step explanation:Janet's data having coordinates [tex](4,1) , (10,2) , (16,3)[/tex] and so on does not show a  definite proportion.(the [tex]x \ and \ y)[/tex] values do not increases with a fixed rate).However,Tarik's data having [tex](0,0) , (7,2) , (10.5,3) \ and \ (21,6)[/tex] are in definite proportion.There is [tex]\frac{3}{2}[/tex] times increase in both [tex]'x' \ and \ 'y' \ from (7,2) \ to \ (10.5, 3)[/tex].Further from [tex](10.5, 3) \ to \ (21,6)[/tex] There is an increase of [tex]2 \ times[/tex] in both [tex]x \ and \ y[/tex].Thus those are the reason for Janet's model and Tarik's model.