In May, there were 14 days where the temperature was above 60°F and 17 days when it was below 60°F. There were also 19 days that were sunny. If a two-way table is made to represent the data, which could be the row and column headings? A. sunny, below 60°F; row: not sunny, above 60°F B. above 60°F, below 60°F; row: sunny, not sunny C. above 60°F, sunny; row: below 60°F, not sunny D. sunny, month; row: not sunny, month

Accepted Solution

Answer:Option B is right.Step-by-step explanation:Given that in the month of May, the temperature readings were recorded asabove 60 degrees F and below 60 Degrees F.  Also it was sorted as sunny and not sunny.Hence two way table would have readings as follows:                           Sunny           Not sunnyAbove 60Below 60Hence out of the four options we find that option B is right.