Two cars are traveling on two different roads that are perpendicular to each other. On a coordinate map, the first car started from the point (-5,-8) and stopped at (2,7). The second car started at (-5,1) and stopped at (10,y). The y-coordinate of the second car is ______?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:slope of first road[tex]m_{1} =\frac{7+8}{2+5} =\frac{15}{7} \\slope~of~second~road~m_{2}=\frac{y-1}{10+5} =\frac{y-1}{15} \\as~roads~are~perpendicular.\\m_{1}*m_{2}=\frac{15}{7} *\frac{y-1}{15} =-1\\or~y-1=-7\\y=-7+1=-6[/tex]