Which one f the following would appear in the credits column of a bank statement for a checking account?A. Bank feesB. An ATM withdrawalC. An online bill payment D. A direct deposit

Accepted Solution

Balancing a checkbook is easy. The task involves recording every withdrawal and every deposit you’ve made in the recent past and will make in the near future. Once you’ve done so, you’ll need basic math skills and a few minutes each day or month to verify the accuracy of your work and to calculate a running balance.And it’s important to do so for two key purposes:To know how much money is actually available in your checking account at any point in time — partly so you don’t overdraw your balance; andTo reconcile your checking account with your bank statement, which allows you to spot errors (or even fraudulent activity) and to account for any transactions you may have overlooked in your book keeping hope this helps:)